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Did you know that over 200 rescued farmed animals call Tamerlaine Sanctuary home?! In order to support our wonderful residents, Tamerlaine operates with a small, full-time staff of dedicated caregivers. We are always in need of caring and dedicated volunteers to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. We need help each and every week of the year to keep their shelters and fields clean. Whether you come alone or as a group, we gladly accept volunteers every day of the week.


Volunteer Activities

Typical volunteer activities include cleaning our barns, coops, and pastures.  To complete these tasks, you will be using familiar tools like rakes, shovels, brooms, and wheelbarrows. Volunteering can be physically intensive, so expect to get a good workout! Many of the animals will come visit you while you complete your tasks but please remember that some tasks might not include much animal interaction. (By the way, if you’d rather just hang out with animals, please check out our “Tour the Sanctuary” page.)

Volunteer Hours

The volunteer day starts at 10:30 (with a very important 15 minute volunteer orientation), and ends around 2:00pm. If a situation arises where you will be arriving late or need to cancel last minute, please email us at education@tamerlainefarm.org.

Age Restrictions

For safety and liability purposes, all volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. Volunteers who are 14 years or younger must have an adult volunteer with them.

Ready to Sign Up?

Please fill out the form below at least 5 days before the shift you are looking to sign up for to get things started. With our current staff and resources, we can only support a limited number of volunteers each day. To volunteer with a group larger than 5, please email us at education@tamerlainefarm.org.


Useful Tips

Check the weather forecast for zip code 07827 and dress appropriately.  Regardless of theweather, water-proof footwear is highly recommended (so that if/when you step in poo, you can wash it off easily).  You will get breaks as needed for water, snacks, trips to the potty, etc. Please make sure any food or drink you bring onsite is plant-based (aka “vegan”), no meat or dairy, please, out of respect for our rescued residents.  

Please note that diseases occur naturally among farmed animals. All visitors and volunteers should thoroughly wash their hands prior to touching their faces or eating. Ideally, it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes with you to change into before you leave.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with

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