Ferdinand is one of our newest residents here at Tamerlaine. At just a year old, he had already gone through several homes before finding his way to us and his new forever home. A family in suburban New Jersey bought Ferdinand as a baby from a breeder advertising "teacup" pigs as house pets. Just a few days later, the family dumped him on an acquaintance, possibly after realizing that even a tiny pig in a house can get up to a lot of mischief! The woman he was dumped on took care of him for a year, but when her neighbors started construction on their home, Ferdinand squealed and squealed, annoying the whole neighborhood. Kind activists set out to find Ferdinand a home where he could freely be a pig and do pig things and we readily welcomed him to Tamerlaine. Ferdinand's story shows that even when pigs actually do stay small, they still typically aren't well-suited for a suburban or urban environment. Small pigs can live to be 20 years old, though they are prone to the same health issues as teacup dogs. Help us provide Ferdinand with the best quality care so we can ensure he lives a long and healthy life!