Clara, a five-year-old potbelly pig, came to us from a classic hoarding situation.  A woman who clearly loved  animals and wanted to give them a good home took on way too many and was unable to provide appropriate care for all of them. After losing her husband, the conditions for some of the animals became worse. In the case of most hoarding situations, the hoarding behavior is a symptom of mental illness. The hoarder becomes overwhelmed but does not realize the harm they are causing. With potbelly pigs in particular, many people take them on without proper understanding of pig behavior and panic settles in when the pig begins to become more assertive. When Clara began to show signs of aggression, her overwhelmed caretaker confined her to a large bathroom where she lived 24/7 for four years. Finally, realizing this was no way for an animal to live, she reached out to us and we agreed to take Clara to Tamerlaine.  As soon as we saw Clara we knew we had to take her out of the horrible condition she was living in.  Her hooves were overgrown and her back legs had started to atrophy from years of a sedentary life. Today, Clara lives happily in sanctuary.  Clara had to go to Cornell to be spayed as she suffered from horrible PMS.  It took many many months to trim her hooves slowly to the proper shape.  Because of the neglect that Clara suffered from her feet have been permanently damaged and she will have trouble with arthritis for the rest of her life.  She is still happy and full of life and is one of the spunkiest girls here.