Dos Equis & Capt. Sparrow

Dos Equis and Captain Sparrow are best friends. If they aren’t biological brothers they certainly should be! Capt. Sparrow came to us with a deformed leg, a product of the abuse and neglect he suffered. He is a happy goat now and full of life. He is always the first one to climb to the top of the jungle gym despite his disability. When Captain Sparrow needs to take a break, Dos Equis is right there with him. Dos Equis, who is a bit more shy, is always ready to get some love from the humans as well! These two bonded goats will spend the rest of their life together in sanctuary.

capt sparrow and dos equis photo gabrielle stubbert.JPG

We partnered with the ASPCA to provide a loving forever-home to 21 goats who desperately needed a second chance on life. Among the dead and dying, from what is being called the largest animal-cruelty case in the Northeast, our 21 beautiful goat friends were rescued and brought to live with us. They once lived in terror along with many other species of animals, all in deplorable conditions. They will now live the rest of their lives knowing nothing but care and love. You can read more about the case here

They have already received an overwhelming amount of love from the individuals who have met them so far. Your generous sponsorship of these two brothers will help us continue to provide lifelong care in the form of food, shelter, and veterinary costs, among other expenses.