apache in the field.jpg

Apache was a show horse at a theme park where she performed tricks daily for the public. Unfortunately she sustained an injury to her knee. Apache became lame and was unable to perform with the other horses in the show. Even when horses live under the best circumstances, their final fate is often a very sad story. Any animal that can no longer earn its own feed at a theme park eventually winds up on the auction truck. Apache was slated to go to the New Holland Auction just one week before she came to our sanctuary. With luck and fate on her side, her journey to the auction was postponed due to bad weather. She will now live at Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary for the rest of her life.

Horses require a huge amount of care.  We are committed to giving Apache everything she needs to make her life as pain free as possible.  We have sent her radiographs to the top horse surgeons around the country to see if we can perform a life changing operation to protect Apache’s knee from further damage. Please help us to help these beautiful horses thrive and live the best life possible.