We rescued Toad in September 2015 when he was just four weeks old. He would have been slaughtered as part of a religious "sacrifice" just days later had kind rescuers not saved her from the streets of Brooklyn. Toad is a Cornish Cross chicken, the main breed raised for their flesh and typically slaughtered at just 42 days of age. These birds have been bred to grow so large so fast that their muscles have trouble keeping up, a condition made worse through confinement in crates. This was the case with Toad. Though his bones are normal and aligned, his right leg has significantly more muscle than his left, which is severely atrophied. He came to us unable to walk and barely able to stand for more than a few seconds. In a case like Toad's, unfortunately many rescue organizations would choose to euthanize him, believing he would not be able to recover and live a full life. Here at Tamerlaine, we have a staff dedicated to giving their all to each and every animal who comes our way. We were confident we would be able to give Toad a life worth living, whether he walked or had a wheelchair. After just a few weeks of daily physical therapy, time in a sling, and medication, Toad is up and walking with a limp. Through continued care he will be fully mobile, and is able to be with a full flock.