We have developed a popular and delicious line of cruelty free, organic, vegan sauces to help fund our sanctuary. Our signature hot sauce is made from a puree of organic peppers. This unique way of making hot sauce really brings out the flavor of the pepper as it uses about 5 times the amount of peppers used for traditional hot sauce. Each sauce is named after one of our special residents and tells their individual story right on the bottle. 100% of our proceeds go towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and nurturing care for the amazing animals that live out their lives at Tamerlaine Farm. 

Rudy's Hot smoked red

Fresno Peppers mixed with a pinch of alder smoked sea salt and sweet rice wine vinegar. An all time favorite that goes great on just about everything. 

Casey's hot super green

Jalapeno and Tomatillo with a hint of garlic and lemon give this hot sauce just the right zing to go perfectly with any meal. 

Artie's hot bourbon blend    

 A mix of Fresno Peppers, Bourbon, Ginger and Clove gives this special hot sauce a bold and distinctive taste that goes well on any plate.

where you can find us


Heatonist - Brooklyn, NY

Campbell Cheese and Grocery - Brooklyn, NY

Riverdel Cheese (Vegan) - Brooklyn, NY

Inwood Gourmet - New York, NY

The Herb Shoppe - Port Jervis, NY

Strong Hearts Cafe - Syracuse, NY

Weavers Way Co-op - Philadelphia, PA

High Falls Food Co-op - High Falls, NY

Foragers - Brooklyn & NYC

Key Foods - Milford, PA


Haymakers Corner Store - Brooklyn, NY

Champs Diner - Brooklyn, NY

Hops and Hocks - Brooklyn, NY

Westerly Natural Market - New York, NY

Chelsea Market Baskets - New York, NY

Depanneur - Brooklyn, NY

Bedford Cheese Shop - NYC and Brooklyn, NY

Batata - Brooklyn, NY

Breathless Beauty - Milford, PA

Orchard Street Grocer - New York, NY