The Idea is simple:

Most people, if given the choice, would choose to avoid causing others unnecessary harm. Yet, from an early age most of us are kept in the dark about the harm humans cause other animals and we're taught to see them as existing not for their own reasons, but as here for us to use as we see fit. The consequences of this are felt by the literal tens of billions of animals who are used each year in entertainment, in animal testing, for clothing, and—by the greatest numbers—for consumption. Each of these animals is someone and equally as afraid of death and eager for life as you are and I am.

And each of us can do something:

We know that humans can have fully nutritious and delicious diets without consuming animal flesh, animal milks, eggs, or other animal products. In fact, top organizations keep coming out with research and statements in support of fully plant-based diets. There are also tons of products—from shampoos and makeup to winter coats and dress shoes—made without animal use or ingredients. Although none of us can lead a life fully void of harm, and structural obstacles abound, we can all begin to shift the way we view and treat other animals and make strides toward a less violent world. As the Australian sanctuary Edgar's Mission puts so well, "If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn't we?"

So that's where we come in:

Because so many of us have had minimal interactions with farmed species—and when we have it has largely been in stressful settings where they are rightfully afraid of humans—Tamerlaine wants to give people the opportunity to get to know farmed animals as the individuals they each are. As a sanctuary, we can only ever rescue a drop in the bucket from the billions exploited and killed, but we can provide the individuals we rescue the best possible lives and help tell their stories to inspire change and help those still suffering. And so we rescue and rehabilitate, provide lifelong care, and seek to educate the public about these issues to create a more compassionate world.