How do you say goodbye to a friend...

How do you say goodbye to a friend?

Jupiter was a rooster but also one of our closest friends and a beloved member of our family.  Jupiter came to be our ward four years ago as a foster.  Not yet free, he was still being fought for in the court system - a victim of abuse at the hands of an animal hoarder.   Just tiny baby chicks, he and his brothers, by the grace of god, were taken out of the horrible situation they were in and sent to Woodstock Sanctuary where they would be safe.  We became the foster parents to Uri and Jupiter until the court case was decided in their favor.  We celebrated the day we became their forever family. 


Even though we were vegan and animal activists, at the time we had no idea how amazing chickens were.  These two roosters would become fast friends with our dogs, competing for our attention and for treats.  Every morning they would come to the back door demanding to be let in to take their rightful place with the family, two humans, two dogs and two roosters.  Unfortunately last winter Yuri passed away.  Jupiter was by his friend’s side as he slipped away and mourned his death with a sorrowful cry as any human would.  It was very clear to everyone by his side the depths of feeling he had for his lifetime companion and brother.  After Yuri’s death Jupiter spent more time inside.  He had made friends with a nice group of roosters who he shared his coop with but we loved having him close to us and he loved being close.  Always on Peter's lap the two of them would nap together, watch hockey together, share lunch and so on. Jupiter loved spending part of his day with his human and dog, friends and family. 


Because of Yuri and Jupiter we founded Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.  It has become the most important thing we will ever do in this lifetime.  Educating the public to let them see for themselves how incredible these animals are, that many only ever see as food.  Jupiter touched the lives of everyone that visited the Sanctuary. He was an ambassador for all farmed animals.   We take comfort knowing that Jupiter enjoyed life right up until the very end and made many people think twice about what they eat.