With Heavy Hearts We Say Goodbye to the King of Tamerlaine

Yuri the King of Tamerlaine

In July of 2013 our lives were forever changed when Yuri and Jupiter two roosters rescued by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary found their forever home at Tamerlaine Farm.  We had no idea then the impact these two beings would have on our hearts and that they would change the course of all our future plans, forever. 

Yuri and Jupiter in the garden

We decided we wanted to share our home with rescued chickens, the most abused animals in the factory farm system.  When reaching out to sanctuaries to adopt hens into our home we were enlightened to the fact that roosters, the most disposable animal on the planet, literally ground up alive as chicks by the billions in factory farms, abandoned by the backyard chicken community by the hundreds of thousands and disposed of in every horrifically unimaginable way, by every type of egg production facility in between, were the most needy of all animals.

The boys together in the snow

Yuri and Jupiter, fraternal brothers, were the first farm animals to come live on our farm.  These boys instantly became beloved family members.  They joined us for breakfast every morning, walked freely around the property, spent their days exploring, hunting for treats, always keeping a keen eye out for predators while watching over and protecting each other, they enjoyed sunbathing in the sun, dust bathing in the dirt, together, the best of friends, enjoying life.  These two boys are a part of our family as much as anyone else, human or animal, that we hold close in our life and in our hearts.

Yuri would go on to be “King” of Tamerlaine Farm.  He was our leader, the head rooster of all the animals that would come to call Tamerlaine Farm their forever home.  Jupiter, his trusted best friend, was always by his side.  These two roosters, Yuri and Jupiter, touched our lives in a way that made us want to help all farm animals in need and were the sole reason we created Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Thursday, January 28, 2016 our beloved Yuri lost his life to an illness he had been fighting for the last three months.  The many doctors and remedies we tried could not save him.  Sadly Jupiter has lost his best friend and comrade and we have lost our little man with the kind eyes and gentle heart.  Rest in peace little man.  Your spirit will be with us always.  

If you would like to help us in our mission of to save more animals or would like to support any of the residents at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary please visit our donate page here.  Help us to bring more animals like Yuri out of terrible situations and give them a home where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their days.