Montague, NJ

We are looking for a full time Animal Care Giver to be a part of our growing sanctuary.

Looking for a highly motivated, dedicated individual, interested in joining the Animal Care Operations at our facility.  Work with like-minded individuals that are committed to the highest care and well being of our rescued animals.


  • Experience in animal care, preferably at a sanctuary.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Able to take instruction on how to care for animals.

  • Able to oversee volunteers.

  • Able to prioritize effectively.

  • Able to understand and follow medical directions.

  • Excellent animal behavior observation skills

  • Excellent research skills.

  • Must be able to think outside the box and treat all animals on an individual level.

  • Able to work effectively and compassionately with all personality types.

  • Able to keep cool in medical emergencies.

  • Able to work in all weather conditions and be able to perform strenuous tasks.

  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 50lbs.

  • Must be very reliable and dependable.

  • Excellent record keeping skills

  • Able to participate in a variety of organizational programs to better the welfare of our animals

  • Team player who is able to monitor and report on all shelter staff duties

  • A commitment to Tamerlaine Farm’s animal care policies.

  • Passionate about animal welfare.

  • Able to handle emotional situations dealing with animals.

  • Able to live in a group environment.

  • Must live a vegan lifestyle while on the farm.

  • Interested in growing with a small sanctuary and help to expand our animal caretaking operations.

  • Must have a valid drivers license.


  • All animal care operations.

  • Work with and train volunteers.

  • Daily animal heath care and treatments.

  • Documenting all animal health care checks, treatments, vaccinations, worming, medical histories etc.

  • Barn and habitat cleaning and enrichment.

  • Perform treatments and therapies for special care animals.

  • Travel with animals to veterinary appointments.

  • Work with founders to come up with the best care program possible for the animals.


  • The opportunity to start with a program from the ground up.

  • Helping a new sanctuary become a home to future generations of animals.

  • Gain experience as an animal caregiver.

To apply, please contact us via email with your resume and cover letter at:

 Email - info@tamerlainefarm.org


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