Sponsor a Turkey

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Each year, 45 million five-month-old turkeys are slaughtered in the United States for the Thanksgiving holiday. It's well past time we end this violence and start a new, animal-friendly tradition! In 2015, Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary rescued six young turkey babies who were previously destined for Thanksgiving dinner, and in 2016 Tamerlaine rescued another turkey after she likely fell off a truck going to slaughter in Brooklyn, NY. Now they will get to live out their lives in peace at the sanctuary for many years to come. The best way to help turkeys is by making the choice not to eat them (and other animals) on Thanksgiving and year-round.

Tamerlaine is offering an additional way to help turkeys and support our life-saving work: Through a one-time or recurring donation of $22 (the average cost of a turkey body purchased for Thanksgiving), you can sponsor Merci, Shlomo, Hershel, Gobblethwaite, Norman, Mordy, or Mr. President. Or, for $120, you can sponsor all seven! Read about each one of our seven turkey friends down below. Following your donation, you can look forward to an adorable "thank you" e-card, which you can display online or at your Thanksgiving celebration to show what a compassionate ThanksLiving looks like!

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