Our new little warrior...Tomo!


This little guy who we named Tomo (friend in Japanese) came to us from a breeding facility.  His mother and all of his siblings died at childbirth.  He was the sole survivor.  The farm manager whisked him away to safety because she knew what the fate of this single piglet would be.  If discovered he would have been shot.  Even though this particular facility has some of the highest honors for "humane" farming, that doesn't mean the pigs on this farm are not simply a "commodity" just as they would be on any other industrial farm.  She hid him in her house and bottle fed him until her daughter could find a sanctuary that would take him.  A commercial breeding facility has no interest in hand raising orphaned baby pigs.  That would take time and money and when animals are only seen as a commodity that is not an option.  This little baby would have ended up costing more than he was "worth" to them.  We here at Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary value his individual life and know that he is priceless.  We are fighting for him with everything we have.  He has already had two emergency vet visits and today he is seeing another specialist.  Our vet bills are mounting.  We value your support and ask for it now.  Please help us give this little one the best possible chance to recover.  Truly any amount helps!  Thank you so much for your support and for caring for animals!