We have got big news!

Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary is moving and we need your help to create paradise on earth for abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals.  Our future home will enable us to increase our capacity to help animals in need and do the crucial outreach and education programs necessary to teach people about these incredible beings.  We need your help now more than ever!

 Three hundred and thirty six acres of paradise for abused and neglected farm animals.

Three hundred and thirty six acres of paradise for abused and neglected farm animals.

front of house.jpg

Rolling hay fields and the future home of the Inn at Tamerlaine Farm in the historic home that was built in 1774.  Have your coffee on the front porch while overlooking the entire  farm.  This incredible property will make the perfect place to continue our mission of rescue, protect and respect!

Please watch this video and learn how you can help us continue our growing mission of rescuing and caring for abused, abandoned and neglected farm animals.   MORE INFO HERE!  

Sponsor a Goat

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We have partnered with the ASPCA to provide the loving forever-home to 21 goats who desperately need one. Among the dead and dying of what is being called the largest animal-cruelty case in the Northeast, all 21 of our beautiful new friends were rescued and brought to live with us. While they once lived in terror along with many other species of animals, all in deplorable conditions, they will now get to live the rest of their lives knowing nothing but care. 

Please read more about the case here

They have already received an overwhelming amount of love from the individuals who have met them so far. Read below for a bio on each of our 21 goats! Your generous sponsorship of these animals will help us continue to provide lifelong care in the form of food, shelter, and veterinary costs, among other expenses. 

You can now also donate directly with your PayPal account!

Apache meets her new family!

Apache was a show horse at a theme park where she performed tricks daily for the public. Unfortunately she sustained an injury to her knee. Apache became lame and was unable to perform with the other horses in the show. Even when horses live under the best circumstances, their final fate is often a very sad story. Any animal that can no longer earn its own feed at a theme park eventually winds up on the auction truck. Apache was slated to go to the New Holland Auction just one week before she came to our sanctuary. With luck and fate on her side, her journey to the auction was postponed due to bad weather. She will now live at Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary for the rest of her life.


Toy is a Morgan horse who was already living on our new 336 acre property. She was born here and has spent her entire 28 years living at the only home she has ever known. Although we are not a horse sanctuary, we knew we needed to find a companion for our elderly mare. Toy's perfect match came along in Apache.  Both horses needed a kind and gentle companion.  We look forward to watching their friendship grow and flourish.  Welcome home Apache.

Horses require a huge amount of care.  We are committed to giving Apache everything she needs to make her life as pain free as possible.  Please help us to help these beautiful horses thrive and live the best life possible.


The Cows Come Home


Two amazing animal rights advocates, Maria and her daughter Julia, met these three cows when they were babies.   They passed by them every day on their way to town near their home and would stop and pet them through the fence.    As the baby cows grew larger, Maria and Julia’s bond and love for them grew stronger and they knew they would have to find a way to bring the boys to sanctuary.  Having read that we just purchased a new 336 acre farm they reached out and asked if these beautiful boys could possibly be our first residents.  We had barely signed the deed on the farm and had no idea when our new farm would open but we knew we couldn't let these boys go to slaughter and agreed to take them in if Maria and Julia could convince the farmer to release them.

These two women used their intense love and power of persuasion to free Ferdinand, Little Fred and Diego, who will now live together forever, free from harm.

From left to right, Little Fred, Ferdinand and Diego were destined for slaughter...a byproduct of the dairy industry, male cows are either killed as babies for the veal industry or grown to adult slaughter weight and sold by the pound to the meat industry.  These three boys were rescued and will now live for the rest of their lives in sanctuary.  Please help us to give them the best life ever!

Meet our new little warrior...Tomo!


This little guy who we named Tomo (friend in Japanese) came to us from a breeding facility.  His mother and all of his siblings died at childbirth.  He was the sole survivor.  The farm manager whisked him away to safety because she knew what the fate of this single piglet would be.  If discovered he would have been shot.  Even though this particular facility has some of the highest honors for "humane" farming, that doesn't mean the pigs on this farm are not simply a "commodity" just as they would be on any other industrial farm.  She hid him in her house and bottle fed him until her daughter could find a sanctuary that would take him.  A commercial breeding facility has no interest in hand raising orphaned baby pigs.  That would take time and money and when animals are only seen as a commodity that is not an option.  This little baby would have ended up costing more than he was "worth" to them.  We here at Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary value his individual life and know that he is priceless.  We fought for him with everything we had.  Within a few hours of his arrival it became apparent that he was very sick and on the brink of death.  Our vet initially thought he would not make it even past his first night. Only after two emergency vet visits, a visit with a specialist and around the clock care, were we able to stabilize him.  Now, only a few weeks later here he is, thriving and loving life!  Our vet bills were astronomical but it was all worth it.  His future is bright and full of love.  Thank you for supporting our little warrior in your thoughts, prayers and through sponsoring him.  Help us give him a lifetime of love, care and protection.  We are so happy that little Tomo will grow up knowing only kindness and respect.  Thank you for everything you do to help the animals here at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.




Daily Costs of Operating the Sanctuary

There are so many things that we need to run a sanctuary.  The number one thing we need this winter is hay and straw to keep the animals fed and warm.  Please help us through this brutal season.   There are heat lamps that have to be replaced, water heaters that break down.  We spend our days monitoring everyone here making sure they are warm, safe and happy.  Thank you for joining us and being a champion for the animals.

Rescue is just 1% of the job! After we take in animals who have been abused, neglected, or left to die, we then put our all into bringing them fully back to health, providing them with the best possible living conditions, individualizing their medical care, and making sure they will never again be harmed by humans. Your donation helps make this possible. Any amount helps and is so appreciated by all of us here at the sanctuary!

You can now also donate directly with your PayPal account!

Amazon Wishlist

Help support us by donating items!

We have an Amazon wishlist! Now you can help Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary assist as many animals as possible by donating specific items that we need!

There are many supplies that we run out of quickly, like rubber gloves and laundry detergent. There are also many items that would be very useful that we don't currently have, like IV stands and goat coats! Every item that is donated to us helps provide care to our current animals, and helps save funds to continue to rescue more animals.

Click on the buttons above and below to be brought to our Amazon wishlist to see what items we need. We update the list frequently, and appreciate every item we receive!

Vintage Bunny and her Precious Babies

Vintage and her four BABy boys!

We are so happy for Vintage Bunny.  Her precious babies were born in Sanctuary where they will only know love for the rest of their lives! Vintage bunny was rescued off of the street where she had most likely been abandoned. Had she not been found right before the temperature dramatically dropped to single digit numbers, surely her and her babies would have died. Not equipped to keep bunnies we were going to adopt her out to a wonderful bunny loving family. But with the arrival of these four precious souls we cannot break up the family.  All will live here at Tamerlaine Farm for the rest of their lives.  We will be building a new bunny habitat at our new sanctuary and any amount you can give will go a long way to providing them with a new bunny home that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.  You can give the gift that will keep these babies warm for years to come! 

You can now also donate directly with your PayPal account!

 The four little babies when they were just born!

The four little babies when they were just born!

Skooter is an adorable chubby little fluff butt.  He like pets and cuddles but mostly he likes his treats.

Tique is the spitting image of his mother Vintage.  This little black and white baby loves running and jumping with his brothers.

Swanson is our shyest rabbit.  Often hiding behind his brothers.  He does get his courage up when there are good treats around.

Bunnicula is our most outgoing bunny.  He loves attention and likes to explore. 

Sponsor Baby Pablo and Mirabelle

 Mirabelle left and Pablo right.

Mirabelle left and Pablo right.

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We were so excited when we heard Mama Rose was pregnant.  She was one of the 21 goats Tamerlaine Farm took in this fall from one of the worst abuse cases the ASPCA had ever witnessed.  Mama Rose, a dairy goat, most likely has had her children taken from her time and time again.  Dairy goats are exploited in the exact same way dairy cows are, repeatedly impregnated to assure a steady supply of milk for the dairy industry.  Their babies taken away almost immediately after birth, the bereft mother, known for their devotion, never have the chance to raise her babies.  They are milked dry and the cycle is repeated.

 just minutes after the babies were born

just minutes after the babies were born

We are so happy that Mamma Rose made it to sanctuary.  She will live out the rest of her life as a cherished member of our family.  Free to raise her babies, she will see them grow up and become part of the herd.  Won't you help us to care for these precious souls.  They will need hay, shelter and veterinary care for the rest of their lives.  By sponsoring Mirabelle and Pablo you will assure the future they would never have had.  Thank you.

You can now also donate directly with your PayPal account!

Sponsor a Turkey

You can now also donate directly with your PayPal account!

Make a New Years resolution not only to stop eating animals but to sponsor one as well!  Each year, 45 million five-month-old turkeys are slaughtered in the United States for the Thanksgiving holiday. It's well past time we end this violence and start a new, animal-friendly tradition for the new year! In 2015, Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary rescued six young turkey babies who were previously destined for Thanksgiving dinner, and in 2016 Tamerlaine rescued another turkey after she likely fell off a truck going to slaughter in Brooklyn, NY. Now they will get to live out their lives in peace at the sanctuary for many years to come. The best way to help turkeys is by making the choice not to eat them (and other animals) on Thanksgiving and year-round.

Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary is offering an additional way to help turkeys and support our life-saving work: by sponsoring a turkey!  For just $26 a month you can sponsor Merci, Mr. President, Shlomo, Hershel, Morty, Gobblethwait, or Norman and for $150 a month, you can sponsor all seven!   Sponsoring a turkey is a great thing to do all year round. 

Below is a description of all seven turkeys!  Choose which turkey you would like to sponsor for yourself or a loved one this year.  If you're feeling really thankful, sponsor all Seven!