New Kid on the Block!


Oh, hi there! It's been a little while since we've updated the blog. A busy, snowy winter has brought a lot of excitement and a few new faces to the farm- human and otherwise :)

I guess it's about time that I introduce myself. I'm Maddie, the newest (human) addition to the Tamerlaine family. With a new flock of rescued chickens that found a home here in October, some extra help was needed on the farm. So, in a leap of faith, I went from part time volunteer to full time animal caretaker. I quit two jobs, packed up my things and my fluffy room mate, Buttercup, subletted out my apartment in Greenpoint, and relocated my life to Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary. Accepting the offer to work and live here was incredibly exciting, and also completely terrifying. I felt it would be a huge turning point for me- in my personal life and my activism- and I was right. It's almost been 3 months since the move, and it's hard to believe how much can happen in such a short amount of time.


The animals have completely taken my heart hostage. They have been a source of inspiration and strength- encouraging me to be a louder, more confident voice on behalf of all animals. They have been a source of happiness and laughter- like when the cornish hens saw snow for the first time :) They have been a source of profound fullfilment- knowing that the work I do, every day, is helping animals in such a meaningful way. They have been a source of comfort- on particularly hard days, and when the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl. That was rough... And they have been a source of sorrow, too. Factory farmed animals are not bred to live long, happy, healthy lives. Even when they are rescued, they still often face a slew of health issues. Every time a member of our family passes away, it feels like a devastating loss. It never gets easier. And you still have to face the day, get the job done, and care for the other animals knowing that you give them all a safe and loving home for as long as they are here, and that's an important role to fill. My job is often hard, but always tremendously rewarding. And you'll be hearing a lot about it :)

Today, I am the luckiest girl I know- getting to celebrate Valentine's Day with 66 happy rescued chickens. This morning I greeted Lucie, one of our sweetest girls, by squatting down in the doorway of the barn and calling her name. She walked right over to me and into my arms for a hug and a good belly scratch. Oh, my heart! I'd take chicken hugs over chocolate and teddy bears any day :) It's crazy to me that I ever used to eat these sweet birds. On Valentine's Day, it seems fitting to say that if you love animals, the best way you can show them is to keep them off of your plate! 

While blogging on behalf of Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary, I'll be sharing lots of stories about the animals and about what it's like to live and work on a farm animal sanctuary. I'll most likely share some thoughts on current events in the animal rescue world, some links, some recipes, some conversations with like-minded friends and colleagues, and some other fun stuff and important info. 

Next week, I'll be introducing you to some new residents that will most definitely make your heart melt- so stay tuned!

Much love, on this special holiday. It's so nice to meet you! I hope you get a lot out of what I have to share :)

-- Maddie