Here Come The Tomatoes

I am so excited for this years tomato crop.  After raising tomatoes in my bedroom on top of our dressers last year (much to my husbands dismay) I was very disappointed with the crop.  The weather was just plain crap from the beginning.  My poor tomatoes that I had watched and carefully watered and pampered for three months were not happy once planted in the ground.  There was an actual frost the first week of June and then rain all summer which made for mealy tomatoes.  I did make a lot of sauce and paste!  Just finishing up the last jars from last summer.  I will be making my eggplant lasagna for my memorial weekend guests.

This year my husband graciously let me use his ping pong table.  I set up a new grow room in our brand new cellar.  We have over a hundred tomato plants.  Here is the list.  

Hillbilly Tomato - is an heirloom cultivar originating from West Virginia in the 1800s. This fruit is considered a beefsteak tomato weighing 1-2 pounds. It is round, heavily ribbed and its skin and flesh is orange- yellow with red streaks. The flavor is described "sweet and fruity" and is low in acid.

Ramapo Tomato - I am so excited to be growing what is the epitome of the true Jersey Tomato. here is an excerpt from the Rutgers University Website.

 "When it was introduced to commercial growers and home gardeners in 1968, the Rutgers-bred Ramapo tomato quickly became a favorite. And no wonder, even among a field of great varieties, this hybrid was easy to grow, robust, and prolific. Plus, the fruit was plump, round, red—and most of all—flavorful. For some gardeners, the Ramapo became the Jersey tomato, summer in a bite.  But from about the late ’70s through the ’80s, commercial growers shifted their favor to firmer hybrids that could better weather the trip from farm to market. In pursuit of that remembered flavor, desperate home and commercial growers would beat a path to the one place that still had the seeds—Rutgers.  For years, the university doled out small batches of seeds, but fell far short of a demand that grew as more people looked for the tomato of their memories.  After years of searching for a commercial partner, Rutgers found a company in Israel that could produce the seed on a large scale and reintroduced the Ramapo in 2008 to much fanfare and attention."

Oxheart Tomato - Oxheart tomatoes are large old fashioned heirloom tomatoes that are yellow, pink or light red in color.  They have wonderful tasty fruits that are good in sauces, cooked or eaten fresh.  I will be using these in my sauce!

Tomatillo Verde -  Anyone who has had my tomatillo sauce knows that this was a logical choice.  I cant wait to make my Tempeh Chimichurri and walk out to the garden and pick my tomatillos fresh off the vine.