Yes! Hampton Creek saving the world by taking the egg out of the equation!


I have been waiting for my local Whole Foods to put Hampton Creeks's first product "Just Mayo" on the shelves.  Everything that I have read and seen about this product assured me that it would be amazing and it is!  As Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods said, "It tastes just like the mayo that my grandmother used to make."  It is truly the best mayo on the market first because of the taste and second because of the billions of chickens it has the potential to save.  About 90 percent of eggs produced today are not sold to eat as the egg itself but are sold for the millions of baked good and products like mayonnaise that are on the market.   And they are not stopping there, oh no!  Hampton Creek will be coming out with a product that you can actually scramble, omelette, frittata or anything you would want to do with your typical "Egg Beater" type product.

Funded by prominent Silicon Valley investors and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Hampton Creek Foods seeks to disrupt a global egg industry that backers say wastes energy, pollutes the environment, causes disease outbreaks and confines chickens to tiny spaces.

Nile Cappello of the Huffington Post did a taste test by baking cookies with real eggs and another batch using the "Beyond Eggs for Cookies."  

These were the results.  "Overall, it appears that this vegan egg substitute is generally a competent fraud -- and, according to many editors, even a bit better than real eggs. And unlike real eggs, Beyond Eggs have a longer shelf life, are less expensive than their battery-produced counterparts, and have added health benefits (in addition to the whole animal-cruelty-free thing)."