Pickled Shallots and Scapes

I have been looking forward to pickling scapes since I had the quinoa at ABC Kitchen.  At first glance you would never guess how wonderful this simple little side dish was going to be.  They blended the absolute perfect ingredients together.  The quinoa was bursting with flavor and I was determined to recreate this recipe at home but there was one green object that i could not identify.  "Pickled Scapes" the waiter informed me.  Oh, how excited I was when I realized the garlic that we had just planted in the garden would yield these wonderful and delicious curly little garlic greens that I could then pickle and impress my own guests with.  


Another surprise came in the form of pickled shallots.  I was at Family Recipe a wonderful Japanese restaurant on the Lower East Side.  The waiter placed a teeny tiny bowl filled with crisp shimmering white pearls next to my entree.  I picked up the wet round little vegetable with my fingers examining it.  I bit into it's tart, sweet, tangy, deliciousness but still had no idea what it was.  It didn't taste like an onion at all.  Pickled shallots!  One more thing that I had planted in the fall that I could not wait to harvest and pickle for my dishes at home.  Absolutely wonderful finely diced and sprinkled on top of watermelon salad.