Cold Weather Seeds

It was mid April and finally time to plant the first batch of seeds!  After waiting all winter and scouring through the seed catalogues we made our choices.  The seeds have arrived the ground has thawed and once again with a little help from our friends we can finally start the season.  Thank you Bree and Alex for all of your help.  It was a great day with great friends working together!

alex tilling.jpg
alex dumping dirt.jpg
gab with ash bucket.jpg
alex raking.jpg

Alex and I till in some beautiful composted horse manure from our neighbor Irene and spread some ash from our fireplace and we rake it all in with our bare feet!  Then we plant the seeds.  This years cold seeds are Arugula, Fava Beans, Bush Beans, Beets, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Carrots, Endive, five varieties of Lettuce, Mache, Peas {sugar and snap),  Radish, Spinach and Swiss Chard.

two hands seeds.jpg

whole garden.jpg