Turning your bedroom into a grow room!

Ok, sometimes if you are a part-time city farmer you have to get creative.  We had to start our tomatoes early indoors and we just aren't in the country enough to keep the seedlings watered.  Next year we will set up a system on a timer but this year we had to make due with what we had.  A long surface on our dresser next to a mirror which makes a great reflector!

best dresser full angle.jpg

This years tomatoes, Brandywine for slicing, Chico III and San Marzano for sauce.  We made so much sauce last year we almost had enough for the whole winter!  (check out our recipe for Southwestern Tomato Sauce)  Next under the grow lights will be our assortment of hot peppers.  Our hot pepper sauce is amazing.  The recipe will be on our site this summer when we start jarring it.

best mirror and dresser.jpg