Holy Brie (Nut) Cheese!

I was in Whole Foods looking around the fancy food section.   You know where they keep the real fancy butter, olives and whatnots.  Low and behold I glance at some brie cheese sitting on the shelf and I say to myself, "I wish someone would make a vegan brie.  How much fun would it be to bake in a puff pastry and serve on the holidays.  Perhaps with a crunchy apricot candy glaze running over the top and down the sides like my friend Daniel Mattrocce (an amazing chef) used to make."  I gaze at the cheese lost in fond memories when I notice...OMG...this cheese is made with nuts!   Wow!  Fireworks go off in my brain and I grab it.  Not enough time to make it in the way I just described but just enough time to eat on some crackers with my favorite hot sauce.


This "brie" cheese comes from Kite Hill and is called White Alder.  It is made with almond and macadamia nuts and is pretty damn good.  Of course it is nowhere near the creamy richness of the original but in an ocean of pretty horrible vegan cheeses this one stands up.  The skin on the cheese even tastes exactly like the skin on a brie cheese without any of the kinda gross aftertaste (and afterthought.)  Not sure if it will bake but it sure does have a good time with a cracker.

IMG_4865 copy.jpg