Meet the boys!

We had been waiting and waiting to tell the world that our first rescued animals had arrived.  On September 13th justice was served and Jupiter (the grey rooster) and Yuri (the yellow rooster)  no longer wards of the court have just become part of our forever family and we are so grateful.  Working with Woodstock Farm Sanctuary we have started our rescue efforts with chickens.  They are the most abused farm animals in commercial agriculture.  There are virtually no laws protecting chickens from harm in the factory farm industry.  These handsome guys were rescued from a hoarding situation where a probably well meaning person became overwhelmed with the amount of animals she was housing.  A lot of times these "hoarders"  have mental illness and they become trapped unable to ask for help and unfortunately the animals are the victims of this tragic situation.  Roosters have a much harder time finding homes as they become the head of their flock of hens and there is only enough room for one rooster to every 10 or so hens.  It is their instinct to fight off other roosters and dominate their flock.  With the popularity of backyard chickens there is an epidemic growing.   People order their chicks online and have no idea how many males will be in the batch of young chicks they have purchased.  There is no way to tell the sexes apart until they get older and many male chickens are discarded because they cannot live together.  These two guys were living in a very large pen at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary by themselves.  These two had become the best of friends but could not get along with anyone else.  As you can imagine space is a huge commodity at a rescue facility.  You have to help as many animals as you can.  Thats where we stepped in.   These two characters became our first and probably favorite rescues.  They live in a small but lavish bachelor pad within our large enclosed vegetable garden and spend their days eating bugs and fertilizing the soil.   At their previous home in Woodstock, 200 hens recently rescued from a factory farm, fill the pen they once had all to themselves.  These guys are amazing to watch.  They take care of each other and are the best of friends.  They are always together watching over each other taking turns in a dust bath while the other turns his watchful eye to the sky making sure no hawks or other predators take them by surprise.  Always wanting to hang out with us they follow us around where ever we go hoping to get a treat or a scratch under the chin.  They are no different than dogs or cats or any other pet that bonds to your heart.